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All the Answers to Your Questions


What feed do you use?  Where do get your hay?

We have feed delivered weekly from Evergro in Louisa.  We use Purina and Southern States feed.  We grow our own orchard grass and mixed grass hay.

Which equine veterinarian do you use?

We have a good working relationship with Woodside Equine Clinic and Hoofbeats Equine Service.  You are welcome to use any of the local practices.

Which farrier do you use?

Brian and Seth Phillips do the majority of the horses here.  You are encouraged to use the farrier of your choice.

What's new?

Our arena has been recently reworked.  We have added several tons of a gravel dust/sand mixture.  This mixture holds moisture better and is resistant to packing tightly.  All in an effort to keep your horse comfortable while you work.

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